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What Can It Do
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Whether you need to start an Internet Business from scratch or want to expand your existent online business and become a full blown provider we have the right solution for you.

InternetSuite gives you access to a full range of internet applications and services that will help you set up your provider business, and by that we mean setting your own selling portal, your provider tools with access to subscription system, billing, CRM, marketing, plus everything you need to sell and manage your online services.

Reseller Partner Program

If you"re a small hosting provider, a web designer or just someone who wants to create or expand your business, selling Internet services then the Resellers Partner Program (RPP) is the way to go.

The RPP is the perfect program for someone who wants to start small and who does or don"t have a technical capabilities. You initial investment will be ZERO and you will be concentrating your efforts in managing your business only.

To know more or apply to the Resseller Partner Program please click here.

Provider Partner Program

If already have or want to have your own server infrastructure and become a full Internet Provider then this is the best solution in the market for you. The Provider Partner Program allows you to deploy and manage the server and software you need to start selling services.

You can also configure you provider tools to sell your own services and interface with them. For example, if you want to provide your own hosting services, or interface with your own or 3rd party applications such as SMS or VOIP software, you can configure InternetSuite to do the job. InternetSuite is an open suite that gives you total freedom to implement your own business model.

We contemplate 2 distinct models of partnerships in this program:

  • Solo Provider Model
  • Shared Provider Model

To know more or apply to the Provider Partner Program please click here.

Technology Partner Program

InternetSuite is opened to 3rd party technologies that will enhance the Internet experience.  We share an open philosophy in which we believe that the future of the web lies on inter-exchangable applications and services that communicate with each other.

We support two models of technological cooperation: Integrating 3rd party applications as a client-server model (web services) that will be available to all (accessed through web-service tools), and secondly, on site integration with the client"s existent applications such as ERPs or provider software (through Inport/Export tools and custom developent).

To know more or apply to the Technology Partner Program please click here.

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